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A Journey Of Love And Intimacy From The Far Side Of 50

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The Wise Boudoir


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Liv Wright

Liv Wright believed that the more intimacy we let ourselves experience, the happier and healthier we’ll be. A seasoned storyteller who brings sensitivity to her writings about intimacy, Liv’s voice was one that invites members of the “sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll” generation to dive into the new tides of intimacy that await in late adulthood.


In 2012, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and widened her orbit of inquiry to include the challenges of disability in mature relationships. Liv explored the subject of intimacy a long time. Her first essay about it appeared in Tenderheaded, an anthology on black women and hair (Simon & Schuster 2001). Her contribution to the volume, “If You Let Me Make Love to You, then Why Can’t I Touch Your Hair?” gave readers a good laugh at what some black women go through to keep their fresh-from-the-salon look while they have fun between-the-sheets. Liv’s writing also appears in the erotic

anthology, Dark Eros (St. Martin’s Press, 1997), and for more than a decade she was a frequent contributor to the International Review of African American Art, an arts journal published by the Hampton University Museum.


Liv held a BS in Communications from Northwestern University, and wrote extensively for businesses, human service organizations, and arts publications.


On January 23, 2023, Liv transitioned to the ancestral realm. She left this body of work as her legacy.


“Liv weaves a tapestry of narratives that shatter stereotypes and challenge societal norms, reminding us that love, sex and passion know no boundaries, no matter how many years we have accumulated.”

The Wise Boudoir

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What Awaits You Inside

Dating, Mating and Partnering After 50, Sex After 50, A Look In The Rearview Mirror, Our Intimate Circles of Caring, Sexuality and Disability, The DIY Boudoir, Intimacy With Ourselves


Reclaiming your desires

Rediscover the thrill of sensuality and own your pleasure, unapologetically.


Deepening connections

Foster deeper understanding and communication in your relationships, old and new.


Shattering stereotypes

Break free from societal constraints and redefine intimacy on your own terms.


Rewriting the script on aging

Reclaim your right to joy, passion, and self-expression at any age.

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The Wise Boudoir is more than a book; it’s a movement.

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